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2800 Tatabánya, Szent István út 21. 
Felsőgallai Szolgáltatóház
Phone:+36-34 / 324-310
 Researcher and Visitor Service
 Monday  8.00-16.00
 Tuesday  8.00-16.00
 Wednesday  8.00-16.00
 Thursday  8.00-16.00
 Friday  8.00-12.00


 The Tatabánya City Archives are the youngest public collection of the town. County decision makers started considering the foundation of a local archives branch already as early as in the 1970s, nevertheless the technical execution of this idea could only become reality after the fall of the communist regime. In 1992 the local government thought the time has come to establish the Tatabánya Branch of the Esztergom-based Komárom-Esztergom County Archives. It was noted right from the beginning that county leaders suggested the new institution operates under the auspices of the local government. Year 1995 brought a significant change as the branch status was terminated and the Tatabánya City Archives became independent. 

As local institutions who either closed or renewed operations following the continuous economic and societal changes of the 1990s had no further space to occupy in the public collections of the City Council where they had saved their documentation earlier, the urge was obvious to find a solution for managing the ever growing need for a quality placement of the archives. When the local government decided to renovate the old City Hall of Tatabánya (currently Felsőgallai Szolgáltatóház - Service Center of Felsőgalla), opportunity has arisen to provide the institution with a new warehouse incorporating modern office space and research rooms necessary for the processing of materials.  

Thus the Tatabánya City Archives welcome visitors and researchers - local, regional as well as international -  in a renewed enviroment, with a rapidly growing List of Fonds, a specialised library and temporary exhibitions in its new location.

We look forward to meeting You!